Kotka manufacturing unit is full service workshop located in city of Kotka and company was founded in 1983. We have modern and efficient machines in turning, milling and in plate work.

Power Tech Group Kotka

Tohmajärvi unit is specialized in demanding small and midsize parts. Gearing with 5-axis machines is one of our specialty. We also have own coupling family, see “Couplings”.

Power Tech Group Tohmajärvi

Savonlinna unit is our manufacturing unit in Savonlinna, which is specialized in demanding machining by milling in big parts area. In Savonlinna we have modern CNC-machines and facilities.

Power Tech Group Savonlinna

Kotka assembly unit located in port of Kotka Hietanen. Here we can offer to our customers flexible and versatile assembly, surface finishing, testing logistics and storage services.

Power Tech Group Kotka Hietasentie